Workers Vanguard No. 1043

4 April 2014



In “U.S./Japanese Imperialists: Hands Off China!” (WV No. 1036, 13 December 2013), we incorrectly referred to “battleships” being shifted to the Far East as part of President Obama’s “pivot toward Asia.” We should have used the generic term “warships.” The U.S. Navy no longer has any battleships commissioned (nor does any other navy worldwide).

In “U.S., Japanese Provocations in East China Sea” (WV No. 1041, 7 March), we wrote that “the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force constitutes the world’s second-largest navy.” That is incorrect judged by metrics commonly used to compare the size of navies (number of warships, aggregate tonnage).

The article “Reformists Salivate Over Sawant’s Seattle Election” (WV No. 1042, 21 March) incorrectly characterized socialism as a system in which “workers have become the new ruling class” and “control the economy and the state.” That in fact describes the dictatorship of the proletariat, a transition period between the revolutionary seizure of power by the workers and the establishment of socialism. Under socialism (the first phase of communism), classes will have ceased to exist and the state will be in the process of withering away.