The Spartacist League/Britain was founded in 1978 in a fusion between the London Spartacist Group and the Trotskyist Faction, which broke with the revisionism of the Workers Socialist League and was won to the genuine Trotskyism of the international Spartacist tendency. We reprint below the concluding point of the Trotskyist Faction declaration, a founding document of the SL/B.

Only a hardened Leninist cadre organisation, determined to fight for its programme “against the stream” will be capable of resolving the crisis of leadership of the working class by triumphing over the welter of treacherous centrist and reformist misleaders whose influence today constitutes the most important obstacle to proletarian revolution internationally. Those who capitulate to the Labourite illusions of the British working class; who yearn for “détente” with the Pabloite revisionists; who seek to subordinate questions of programme and principle to the petty organisational chicanery of the “mass method” will never be able to forge the nucleus of the future World Party of Socialist Revolution. We must set ourselves the task of building that party!

— “In defence of the revolutionary programme”, Spartacist Britain no 1, April 1978